• Whether it is in the home, in a classroom or any other place, the right setting will stimulate the child’s imagination and invite curiosity and discovery. Flexibility and creativity in a space appeals to children, engaging their interest and making them more receptive to learning. Above all else, children need an enabling environment that will nurture them socially, emotionally and academically. Our bright and welcoming classrooms encourage individual expression and social interaction.

    At The Little City Nursery, we enrich the experience of our children by providing a high quality education and the facilities to match. The children have access to a mini gym, library, ICT room, role play room amongst other areas.

    Policies and procedures are available at the nursery to be reviewed by the parents.

    • Health and Safety
    • Incident
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Sick Child
    • Safeguarding
    • Behaviour